Puppy Training 101: Selecting a Trainer

As I start this series of posts, it is the ‘morning after’ effect around our house. Everything is calm. Hubby and I are basking in the newness of coming off of our very eye-opening dog training session from yesterday. Let me tell you – so far… So good. Secretly, I’m just waiting for the honeymoon phase to be over and for us to fall into oblivion again, lol.

We are the proud pawrents of an 8.5 month old Yorkie. We brought her home at 8 weeks, and as you have probably read from my other posts, the first 5 months of her life with us were riddled with a month of broken puppy toes (heartbreaking), moving boxes, impossible bedtime routines, moving to a new home (her third home by the time she was months old!), 5 weeks of renos that we lived through… Gosh it was a nightmare for her. Potty training has been slow and we are only these last few weeks starting to settle into a routine with everything.

It wasn’t until about 3 weeks ago when our groomer had to call me in to handle Duchess while she finished her trim that I truly realized just how out of control our little Yorkie was. You see, we thought we weren’t really having too many issues at home (there was the doorbell, and being over excited with guests, but nothing we saw as dramatic).

But the groomer said, without any hesitation, that Duchess is a true over-dramatic diva. Sounds cute, I know, but it isn’t.

We never wanted a dog like that. We wanted a true companion dog. So… It was time. Time for the professionals to take over.

dog-meme-01We started calling around, reading about trainer methods, reading reviews, and we had even booked in with group training session. But then I received a call back from Bark Busters.

First I have to say that the sales guy who called was the first one from all the trainers I spoke with that didn’t speak to me in a rushed way, as though I was inconveniencing them. Made a big difference. Then, he outlined their plan, and how they could help. He asked questions about our concerns and spoke about how they could mould the training around our needs, and not necessarily fit me into a play book class.

The costs were a lot higher than other classes were quoting, but their pricing structure is different so you have to think it through. Most places charge a few hundred dollars for each group course with 10-12 classes per course, in a series of 2-3 courses in order to get all you want out of it. With Bark Busters, you pay about $700, get a 3 hour session to walk you through everything, and then a lifetime of support for your dog’s behaviour issues that may arise – even years from now! Think about it… $700 to cover your dog for LIFE. If you think 15 year life span, that $50 a year – for all the training support you need!!! Done and done!

There is a 4 week home work schedule that we are going to be doing everything day, and I thought I would share that with you… some of our feelings, adjustments for us, that sort of thing. I won’t divulge all of the trade secrets, because – hey – business is business and this team earns every dollar they make – so go check them out and book your first appointment!

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