Puppy Training Homework: Week 2

Well, as Murphy’s Law would have it, before the proverbial ink dried on my excited, encouraged post from a week ago, we started having issues. In looking over some of the Bark Busters materials, and from their motivational emails that we have received, I know that the second week is the week to really watch for testing.

And test she has! Sadly, we have been struggling as the pawrents, but I know exactly why!


The first week was so amazing with her that we began to get a little too comfortable with our perfectly behaved pup.

And she has tested. Here is where we are this week:


  1. We had one pee accident on the floor in the house – within hours of my last post (sigh).
  2. We have not practiced the doorbell as  much this week (I won’t bore you with my excuses), and she ran to the door before I could catch her once. She did not bark, but still did not check in with me to see if she even needed to bother.
  3. She is still showing aggression (little growls) when looking out the back window, and it has been increasing despite my first and second level correction.
  4. She is not responding to the first and second level of my correction as much and I find that I’m repeating myself, which is creating a little tension in our living space which I am sure is not helping the issue.


  1. She IS however scared to death of the 3rd level training aid correction. the downside is that she is responding to the aid, and not to me, and I can see it.
  2. She is settling easier overall and is not as jumpy and uneven in her actions/behaviours.
  3. She is also PERFECT on walks. No pull or drama whatsoever, and we have been walking in our new-construction neighbourhood with trucks, contractors, banging, noise without any issues at all. It’s like, once we walk through the door, she is back to the submissive follower pup. We have also taken her on longer walks this week – one in the river valley with lots of people, kids, other dogs, bicycles… and not a single reaction from her whatsoever! This is really big because we want to be able to walk a lot with her and explore more without tension and stress.
  4. She is not jumping up on our legs and waits her turn for attention when we come in the room. We have had to use a small reminder correction once or twice, but that’s it.
  5. She is still spending all day with her pen wide open, and is responding when told to ‘go to her pillow/pen‘. So, the trust level is still on  the rise.
  6. She is alerting on a regular basis to go to the bathroom – pretty much asking to go outside. And I will ask her in return “Do you have to go potty?”. She gives a puppy-type nod (or whatever ‘the look‘ is), and I tell her “Ok, let’s go outside”… she will then run to the back door and wait for me.

I am sitting here with my tailored-for-me homework sheet, and I can see how the things that we have been diligent with (no pulling on walks and no jumping on us/others) have seen drastic improvement that has lasted through this second week. The one we slacked on entirely saw a single set back (running to the door – but we only had the doorbell rung once this week). But the window growling one – we go through multiple times a day… still an issue.

Today, I check in with Carol from Bark Busters and let her whip me back into shape so that we can get back to the perfection we had last week. I suppose the first step is seeing where we have gone wrong. Now, we fix it!

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